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Read the latest news and find out about recent and upcoming events that the Glenville PBA is supporting.

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Read the latest news and find out about recent and upcoming events that the Glenville PBA is supporting.

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Glenville Police Benevolent Association

Welcome to the Glenville Policemen’s Benevolent Association official website. This website serves as the information, communication and support center for the Glenville PBA. The PBA has two equally important roles. First we provide an avenue for the PBA members to extend their passion in serving the community by volunteering or supporting many charitable organizations. Please check out our News and Events page for a list of organizations and events we are sponsoring.


Second, the PBA is a labor union representing its members and is responsible for contract negotiations with the town. The PBA is committed to preserving the health, safety and welfare of all of it’s members. The members of the Glenville PBA patrol and police the Town of Glenville enforcing town, state and vehicle and traffic laws in order to help keep the town a safe place to live and work. The GPBA is a non-profit labor organization that currently has 18 members.


The GPBA is fully funded by donations from the Town of Glenville residents, neighboring residents, businesses, member’s dues and fundraising activities. The GPBA represents the policemen, sergeants and detectives of the Glenville PD.


Your generous donations allow us to support our youth, support fallen law enforcement officers’ families, support fellow officer medical conditions, support local families and assist our own members in fair negotiations of contracts. We send out a flier as our annual fundraiser. This is the only way the Glenville PBA solicits money from residents. We take pride in the fact that we do not call the residents and only solicit once a year through the mail. With your donation, you will receive a 2020 Glenville PBA support sticker. With a donation of $50 or more, you will receive a gold 2020 Glenville PBA support sticker. There are two ways to donate: by mail at the below address or on this website on our “Donations” page. You are the reason why we can continue to give to worthy recipients. You are the reason why we appreciate our positions as public servants in the Glenville community.


We value our community and work to strengthen our relationship between the members of the PBA and the Town of Glenville residents.